The research

This project was the culmination of our research into the work of artists in schools. We had already looked at school change and teacher learning. This project gave us the opportunity to examine artists’ educational practice in greater detail.

We selected twelve artists to take a longer look at. Some of them we already knew well. Some were new to us and were recommended by Creative Partnerships staff. There were six artists in London and six in the Midlands.

We observed the artists, making notes of what they did and how they interacted with students and teachers. We then commissioned film-makers Creative Forum to record two sessions with each artist. We were also present at much of this filming, and also often went back to see the artists at work after the filming was completed.

We interviewed all of the artists. In London there were individual interviews, but in the Midlands we did both individual interviews and held a group conversation which we filmed. On the basis of our field notes, analysis of the films and the interviews, we developed the framework that is presented on this website. We also wrote a report about our research results.

The research was funded by Creative Partnerships.

The research team was:

  • Professor Pat Thomson, Professor Christine Hall (School of Education, The University of Nottingham)
  • Professor Ken Jones (School of Education Goldsmiths College, University of London)
  • Dr Julian Sefton Green (independent researcher)