Artists valued collective endeavour

In schools children are often taught in groups and assessed individually. One of the aspects of artists practice was that the value of the activity was often achieved through a collaborative and collective effort – a performance, an exhibition, a task that was bigger than one person could do.

Because the artists believed strongly that everyone could contribute ideas and effort, there were few occasions when children were left out of activities. Artists generally intended to bring people together into a shared endeavour. Their emphasis was on involvement, collective creation and sharing rather than on individuation and competition.  Even where the work was individualized, as in art studio projects, the collective endeavour was to construct an environment where art practice flourished.

There was thus a much weaker sense of the hierarchy of achievement than there is in many school lessons and a stronger sense of collective accomplishment.

Video materials

A selection of videos from our Vimeo channel on the valorisation of collective endeavour can be viewed below.