Artists managed students' behaviour differently

Because the artists were actively seeking not to individuate or exclude, and because their frames of reference did not tend to include school rules interpreted at the classroom level, their behaviour management techniques were different to teachers’. Artists tended to rely on students’ commitment to the collective endeavour, the professional or disciplinary norms, the virtuosity of the artist’s display of expertise, the use of praise and careful listening.

They often established routines which achieved the goals of focusing attention, and they used these rhythmically throughout sessions to change pace, refocus and shift activity. This often avoided them engaging in overt disciplinary talk and using an activity as an alternative method.

Generally, the artists worked extremely successfully and students reported feeling both respected and respectful. Occasionally, the artists had to call upon the teachers’ expertise in behaviour management if the norms they had established were disrupted.

Video materials

A selection of videos from our Vimeo channel on managing behaviour differently can be viewed below.