Artists regularly went outside the classroom

Artists were highly likely to take students outside the classroom. They used both the natural and built environment as a source of imaginative play and idea generation. This was not only the school yard but also a nearby open or wooded space, a local park.

Artists also took students to places that they had not been – we saw one storymaker take children to a very high building so that they saw their community from another angle, to a gated community that they would not normally have access to and to places where only some adults had access – behind the scenes at a prestigious cricket ground. Other artists took children into their lives – into their studios, allotments and editing suites. Disused spaces became sites for performance and exhibitions. Professional spaces – film and recording studios, architect’s offices, engineering works – were visited so that students could see applications of the kinds of practices that they were using.

Video materials

A selection of videos from our Vimeo channel on moving out of the classroom can be viewed below.